The history of Sangerz starts long before our shop opened.

Angelo and Samantha

The Sangerz History

Hey there, my name is Angelo Tsiaousis and I am of Greek heritage. My parents met in Australia and started their careers in the food industry. They began with a milk shop in Aberdeen and have worked long hours operating various take-away businesses in Bennets Green, Darby Street and Lambton which they owed and ran for over 25 years. I guess you could say it’s in my genes.

I toyed with the idea to open up a shop myself and once the decision was made I haven’t looked back. The reason I didn’t open something earlier was partly to do with my parents, and seeing how hard they worked, from early hours of the morning till late at night. No family holidays for us.

It took the realisation that I could run a shop without losing my life to open Sangerz Real Food. Good quality industrial food processors meant that everything does not need to be cut by hand like my parents did. Well picked suppliers means food does not need to be prepared and battered by hand. Trusted staff members and a good team culture means that I can leave the shop for periods of time and know it won’t fall in a heap.

I love having a take-away business and keeping up the family tradition but I also love that I have made it my own and created something that fits in with my family life. We can go on holidays.